Expert • Experienced Alterationist

Made, altered and/or repaired, Ida Fedor-Baan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will ensure that your clothing style is impeccable, creative, colourful and original.

Old, boring clothing can be remade into something fun and fashionable The dress featured here was worn to a special event. It was formerly a flamenco skirt; purchased at goodwill for $5.00 and remade.


Ida Fedor-Baan will also replace linings, zippers, shorten and lengthen sleeves and skirt/pant hems, widen or take-in clothes. All done at reasonable prices. Please call Ida Fedor-Baan today and create your own style!

Custom-Made Medical Clothing

Ida Fedor-Baan specializes in hard-to-fit, medically-challenged individuals with height, weight or allergy concerns, and fitted prosthetic devices. Latex allergies are common; a client was allergic to the latex used in most brassieres. Ida created a comfortable, cotton bra style for her. (Please see bra sample in the gallery)